Bullying Is Wrong

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Bullying is basically an unwanted act where someone forces others to do things they don’t want to or hurts the feelings of others by passing comments. Bullying has been an undesirable thing since forever. All the students around the world are discouraged to bully because it’s absolutely unacceptable. Every student should make sure not to bully others. Many teachers take steps to stop bullying in the institutes but its still very common in schools and other institutes. Students often bully each other in the school premises and even outside.

Mark Cowherd Piedmont

Bullying has no limits, it can even lead to physical harassment. Students who like to bully are often not aware of the effects of the act. They do it for fun but they fail to realize the effects it can leave on the next person. The students have to act in a responsible manner to avoid bullying. You might not even know if you’re bullying someone, what seems like harmless teasing to you might seem like bullying to the victim. Bullying can affect the students in many extreme ways. Here’s how bullying can affect the victims.

1) Depression

Students who get bullied often go into depression. They start hating themselves because of the bullies who act heartless in front of them. The victims often experience depression and anxiety, they fail to interact with anyone around them. Depression is one of the most common effects of bullying. Students can get depressed and lose their self-confidence. Bullying is done in various ways. Commenting on the race or sexuality of someone is also a form of bullying.

2) Academic health

The students who get bullied often fail to get good grades in school. As mentioned earlier, bullying shatters their self-confidence. They stop studying, they fail to put their interest in studies. They fail to score because all they can think about is the poor way they get treated in. The students get scared of the bullies, they fail to pay attention in the class because of them.

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Bullying Is WrongunratedMark Cowherd (Piedmont)2018-07-11 05:40:48Bullying is basically an unwanted act where someone forces others to do things they don’t want to or hurts the feelings of others by passing comments….

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    I could not agree more. How insightful, Mark! Thank you for this blog it is allowing me to get into teaching.

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